The transition from fear and paralysis to joy and peak performance

This may sound crazy, but when I think back, the 2 hours that followed were 2 of the best of my life.

I developed a pattern of movement that used my snowboard as a tool to cut a path in the snow and then as a tool to to stomp the snow down. I became better at better at the movement. I learned to reduce my energy output by distributing my weight more evenly through my feet and shins. I discovered the weight bearing qualities of different types of snow. I took immense satisfaction from a perfectly cut step and a flawlessly executed bear crawl forward. I created a rhythm of movement. I talked to myself, had the occasional sing-song. When I looked back and saw the path I had cut through the snow, I cheered myself on and yelled out some hoots.

I found joy in the process, and with it I found excellence and peak performance. After 2 hours, I had climbed 2 small valleys and found my way out the forest, hugging my friends who were so relieved to call off the rescue operation. ...[Continue reading on Flowstate]