Today we are celebrating three years of our digital nomads lifestyle. We left Holland on december sixth in 2011 not knowing what this life would bring us. Now, looking back already three years later, we have learned so much and so many things have happened that we could not have anticipated (see picture above with our hiking boots on like as if we were going to walk to Argentina). We have written a post with a personal top ten learning for you to enjoy and use for your own digital nomad plans:)

1. It is is as cool as it sounds Living this lifestyle really beats living from nine to five every day. It is not always easy but the the things you learns, see, feel and (get to) do are totally worth it. Being away from the people you love sucks but doing what you love is making up for it big time. Life is about doing and experiencing new things and the digital nomad lifestyle will definitely bring you that! We have learned and grown so much over the last three years in ways that would never have been possible in any other lifestyle. Living like digital nomads makes us feel more connected to the world, the people and to ourselves.

2. You don't have to go far away When we were back home in Holland we often have found ourselves living in different places, houses and hotels as well. We have gotten accustomed to the fact that home is where you know where the bathroom or the kitchen is (and the wifi password) and now it feels like we can do this from anywhere. Whether it was India, Thailand, Mexico or back home, once you have adjusted your mind, being a digital nomad works from anywhere. We also tried housesitting in Holland and this helped us to maintain our lifestyle even in our home country so you don't have to go far away to start. ...[Continue reading on Digitalnomadz]