Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov photographs the otherworldly beauty of jellyfish. He is now the leader of a scientist team, set out to travel around the world and explore the mysterious and fragile creature in its natural habitat -the deep sea.

" At 300 feet beneath the surface, the ocean is dark. There are no landmarks around, you are suspended," writes Semenov. " Look hard enough and they appear: translucent creatures filled with colour. Some are as tiny as the nail on your finger, others are the size of a building. These are gelata - unstudied, mysterious and omnipresent. They are the ocean's unseen backbone. "

Nearly 80% of all the jellyfish population is still unknown to us. The team of explorers are going to cover 30,000 miles and dive into three oceans to discover new jellyfish species and fill some of those gaps in marine biology. ...[Continue reading on Demilked]