Last night I went to the Banff Film festival and watched 12 short films about people living their passions, all related to outdoor adventure. The one thing that connected all the protagonists was their focus on one or two select goals/passions and the filtering out of everything else that was superfluous to these goals. Take Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum, the 2 Norwegian's who created the captivating documentary film North of the Sun.

These 2 adventurers spent nine months of frigid cold, Norwegian winter in isolation, living in a bay facing the raw Atlantic ocean high in the Arctic Circle. They built a simple cabin out of driftwood and took with them expired food the shops were going to throw out. They also took their surfboards and good humour. As they toiled to build shelter and relaxed by surfing in the frigid water their new life in the wilderness took on a new level of simplicity. Inge and Jørn talk about this feeling of freedom, being cut off from communication, emails and other people. But another freedom they experience is in the lack of choices they have to make to live in an optimal existence in the wilderness.

Their daily activity became focused around 3 basic goals: ...[Continue reading on Flowstateadventure]