When you start to meditate, one of the questions you often ask yourself is "Am I doing this right?" or "Is this how I am supposed to focus my mind?". We usually have no means to know. Even if we have a meditation teacher and try to explain what is happening inside ourselves, our internal world is so subtle (if not messy) that it is hard to accurately explain our experience.

On the past decades, scientists have studied the effects of meditation on the brain using EEGs and fMRIs scans, but this was limited to labs and hospitals - these machines were too big and expensive for personal use. Now this has changed, and we have a luxury that previous generations of practitioners did not have - a portable, easy to use, meditator-friendly EEG headband.

Enter Muse: the brain sensing headband . I feel that the Muse can help answer the question "How is my meditation going?", by giving you real-time biofeedback of your mental states during practice. InteraXon kindly sent me a copy for review, so let me share with you what this is about and how it can help. (You can read about my review guidelines here, as a matter of principle.) ...[Continue reading on Live and Dare]