Perils and Pleasures of Ultimate Awareness

I woke up today thinking of Jerry Garcia and my years in Las Vegas where I spent a great deal of time at Grateful Dead shows, living like a hippie. I cannot help but feel deep peace and smile a big ol' smile when I think of my time listening to the Dead. And whenever I think about the Grateful Dead, I think about all the wonders of the universe and all that my eyes have seen.

Once your eyes have been opened, it is impossible to erase what they have seen. You can close your eyes again, but the images become a part of your dreams or thoughts. This is good and it is bad. The bad is obvious - when you see traumatic events or read about something horrific, such as the Boston Marathon bombing or the constant images of the World Trade Center towers collapsing, it will stay with you. It may haunt you or disrupt your sleep. When I read the book Roots, by Alex Haley, I had nightmares for weeks and I still can visualize the slave ships - and this was just from reading a book. Imagine the difference when you actually live it such as the many survivors of disaster.

This is why many live their lives with their heads in the sand. They would much rather not see or hear or touch the bad. If they don't know about it, then it cannot harm them. My mom once told me that her generation would much rather not talk about the bad times, and forget they happened, where my generation tends to swim around in the bad times to examine them fully. ...[Continue reading on Medium]