Burning text from Alesha to Doug: "Pack a bag and be ready for anything."

Our most epic adventures begin with these words. Within a couple hours, we're in the back seat of a Nissan Xterra, bumping down the living streets of Tijuana, Mexico, our lives securely in the hands of Dr. Martin Polanco. Martin is a good guy, 38, obviously brilliant, devoted, charming, Mexican-Austrian, perfect English, a deep, strong ancient warrior energy rumbling just below the surface of his gentle and soft-spoken manner. A guy you definitely want to know, and want on your side.

The subject is ibogaine and addiction recovery. Dr. Polanco is something of an expert in the field. His personal search for outside-the-box solutions to addiction can be traced to the suffering of a close family member. "My family was desperate," he tells us. "The pain was so great. Here was this wonderful, amazing person, someone we all loved deeply, whose life had been totally wrecked by drugs. Traditional recovery methods were useless. It became my personal mission to find an answer, to find some way to help." ...[Continue reading on The Fix]