Vinay Gupta: disaster consultant and global resilience guru

"You know that scene in Jurassic Park where they're being chased by the Tyrannosaur? And Jeff Goldblum is in the back of the Jeep watching the jaws come closer and closer? So I'm Jeff Goldblum. The difference is I'm carrying a gun. I think of my role in the futures game as sitting in the back of the car shooting at the bad scenarios so they don't get any closer... Shooting down the bad scenarios means identifying them, figuring out what they're contingent upon, and then wrecking the hell out of them or replacing them with something better... This is an incredibly aggressive stance towards the future. But given that no-one else is on watch - what am I supposed to do?"

So asked Vinay Gupta, software engineer, disaster consultant and global resilience guru, in a talk he gave to a group called the Association of Professional Futurists in 2012. You can see it here on YouTube:He is explaining his mission. ...[Continue reading on VICE]