Part of why I created Your Own Life is that I know it is possible to create anything in life that you want. People call me a Super Manifester. I use the power of my thoughts to create the life I want, and I want to teach you to do the same. I recently visualized my next apartment. I visualized that it would be a place of light with a great view. That is exactly what I found.

I just moved in, and decided that I would wash the floor to ceiling windows to show appreciation for the light that was flowing in. I live in Mexico, and I have a house keeper that came with the apartment, and guess what she did yesterday without me even asking? She cleaned every single window in the apartment! I also thought I would find a hummingbird feeder as love hummingbirds. Well, yesterday, as I sat watching the tree in front of my apartment, a hummingbird started flying in between its branches! There are no flowers on this tree, and nothing that would attract a hummingbird, yet there was a hummingbird. I knew that hummingbird was sending me a message that she would come visit as soon as I get the feeder. So, how do I do it? How do I manifest so easily? Here is what works for me.

The Secret To Manifesting The Life You Want 1. Recognize Your Power

You can recognize your power by realizing that you are worthy and that you deserve everything in life that you want. Many of us are afraid to actually get what we want and that blocks the good things in life from coming to us. You deserve to live a life of happiness and joy. Speaking of living in happiness and joy, that brings me to the next secret. ...[Continue reading on Your Own Life]