This article contains a much deeper meaning of what it means to turn water into wine. People who aren't necessarily strict and learned Bible students, which includes myself, sometimes are not familiar with the fact that John is the only one to write of the water into wine miracle. Even more surprising is that towards the end of John's gospel he gives us some very slick information on how to interpret what he wrote about it, when he records Jesus as saying that "he was the true vine."

To be clear, when the Bible speaks of a vine it is referring to a grapevine, and there is only one thing in this world that has the ability to turn water into wine, and that is indeed a grapevine. If we look at the literal job of a grapevine, we will see just how brilliantly John records Jesus as giving us the true spiritual meaning. You see, a literal grapevine takes water from beneath the ground and as the water goes up the vine, it is transformed. It then spreads out into the branches and the branches burst forth with the fruit (grapes). When the grapes are cared for and aged properly, they are used to make sweet wine. But Jesus is not a literal grapevine is he? So how does he turn water into wine spiritually? Well let's look at what John records as Jesus talks privately to his disciples.

Do you see how Jesus, as the true spiritual vine within us, acts in the exact same way as a literal vine. This is the nature of symbolism; using things of a material nature to describe things of a spiritual nature. As our spirit (the water) is filtered through the Christ consciousness (the vine), it flows through the branches (us) and we are able to put forth the true fruit (the grapes, which are the results of our higher nature and calling that comes from the teachings). When we give our thoughts and meditations (aging the grapes) to the true nature of the things we've learned, they become like fine wine, which is the divine wisdom and love within us. It is this wine that we ourselves drink and also pour into the souls of others, and a little wine makes the heart (soul) merry. ...[Continue reading on Madeworthy]