Forget all you know about spirituality. It is not about some higher dimension or divine way of being. It is not about leaving behind society for a "better" way of life. It is not about being constantly absorbed in meditation, taking refuge in within. No, these are all excuses and escapes.

Spirituality is about seeing every situation for what it is. It is about approaching reality within the context of reality, experiencing reality in the context of reality, rather than approaching and experiencing reality in the context of social conditioning, prejudices, assumptions, and speculation.

Spirituality is about realizing the ridiculousness of all the above mentioned habits. Societal conditioning especially. True beauty is universal. Either everything is beautiful or nothing is. Spirituality is about non-judgement. Every single thing that exists is on the same level. There is no better or worse, good or bad. Recognize your freedom, your worth, your innate ability to love more powerfully than you even know. Shed your judgements about yourself and others. Shed your prejudices. ...[Continue reading on Innerabode]