In under four minutes this touching short film helps us understand what it's like to die.

It doesn't matter whether they died from an accident, heart attack, overdose, or disease, those that returned with stories to share had experienced some universal truths. Watching these accounts always gives me a sense of peace and comfort. This is something I want to share with everyone, especially those dealing with loss.

Researching near death experiences and hearing first hand accounts was incredibly therapeutic in my process of healing and grieving the loss of loved ones. I am posting this video today in honor of my Mother's birthday, she would be 52 today. Royan passed away in 2009 but her loving spirit pervades through my life each day, and I am so grateful to her.

After you watch this video, and hear what these people have to share I hope you will have a new perspective on what happens after we die. ...[Continue reading on SOULSpot]