Some magic mushrooms (Photo by Zinnmann via)

When Sue* greets me, she's all sparkly eyes and smiles. Beaming, she shakes my hand firmly and, as she sits, talks animatedly about her dash from the office to our meeting. "I haven't had this much energy in years," she says. "In fact, it was the polar opposite. But now - my mood, my energy, my outlook on life has changed for the better. And all thanks to magic mushrooms? It feels too remarkable to be true, but that appears to be the case."

When 35-year-old Sue was 25, she experienced her first serious depression. At the time, she was flummoxed as to why the "black dog" had descended. "I'd known low mood since my teens," says Sue, "but that was nothing compared to the blast of this new and unexpected pain. It's very difficult to explain how depression feels, but I felt dead - nothing but blackness." Sue stopped sleeping, and struggled with her work as a research analyst. "I use to cry in the toilets, hopeless and broken," she tells me. ...[Continue reading on VICE]