Definition - "The community of people living in a particular country or region and having shared customs, laws, and organizations."

Synonyms - "population, civilization, the world at large, humankind, mankind, humanity."

There you have it, what society actually means, is it really that simple? Of course it's not, it's more complicated because as you can see above, society actually stands for people and people nowadays don't even live anymore. Yes, we are a bunch of zombies walking through the streets thinking "society today is wrong". I'm thinking about it and you're thinking about it, you might not be aware of it, you might not want to admit it or you're part of that 1% of the world that controls this whole messed up society, we are wrong! Why is nobody talking about it? Sure, there are some people who are actually trying to make a difference but who is listening to them? You might say you are listening to them, but do you do something about it? No, you don't, you agree with them and then go back to the life society wants you to have. When is the last time you did something you wanted? I'm not talking about that vacation you took with your family after working for years to raise some money to afford it. You can't remember, do you? Face it, every since you started thinking consciously you either wanted things or money... to buy things. ...[Continue reading on GeekSnack]