Self-esteem is something we all struggle with. We all have false beliefs about ourselves, and that's just what they are-FALSE. So, why is it so hard to feel self-esteem? Why are so many people trying to work on it? The problem is that the entire concept of self-esteem is wrong.

Self-esteem is the idea that you should measure yourself against society's measuring stick. Our entertainment industries, our teachers, families, and culture have given us impossible standards they expect us to meet. We start measuring ourselves by the expectations of others, and we lose the true essence of who we are.

The video below shows an interview in which adults and kids were asked what they would change about themselves. The adults all felt like they had flaws. The flaws they perceived were all things they felt made them different from "everyone else." But, the kids actually wanted to be unusual. They wanted things like a mermaid's tail or a shark's mouth. ...[Continue reading on Yourownlife]