Today is a big day in the history of our community.

Today is the day we begin removing all ads from HighExistence.

We’re so tired of running ads on the site.

We hate what it does to your reading experience.

We see that the future of the Internet is ad-free.

And we want to be leaders in claiming that more beautiful future.

To do that, we need your help.

HighExistence was born all the way back in 2009 in Jordan Lejuwaan’s dorm room, shortly before he dropped out of college to follow his bliss full-time.

For an entire decade now we’ve been creating mind-expanding content that inspires people to think for themselves and follow their highest excitement.

It’s been one hell of a ride. And now it’s time to evolve yet again…

Over time, as HighExistence grew, web hosting and critical services (like the ability to email you) came with ever-rising costs.

We started using ads to help offset these costs so we could continue to craft the thought-provoking content you love.

We didn’t like putting ads on HighExistence, but we weren’t sure how else to keep the lights on.

Over time, many of you have told us that the ads distract you and prevent you from fully absorbing the wisdom we share. We hate this.

And so we’ve listened to you.

It’s time to purify HighExistence of ad-pollution once and for all. 

We’re going ad-free and we need your help.

In order to replace the ad revenue that was paying for critical services, we’re launching a Patreon.

Patreon is a site that allows creators to receive monthly contributions from readers. In exchange, you get access to some awesome rewards. Check them out by clicking the button below:

Become a Patron!

If we hit our goal we will remove ad networks from the site completely.

HighExistence will be stripped of distracting and irrelevant ads, leaving you with a faster and cleaner reading experience.

Many hundreds of illuminating articles will truly shine on the platform they deserve, allowing us to reach and impact more people.

And the more support we generate, the more we’ll be able to invest in podcasts, courses, tools, retreats, and other epic projects for the next chapter of our story.

If you’ve ever benefited from a HighExistence article in the past 10 years, we’re asking for your support.

And if you support the campaign during launch week, you’ll get access to some badass launch bonuses in addition to our Patreon rewards like…

1. Follow Your Bliss Live Online Workshop: Move from clouded confusion about your life path to crystal clarity in this interactive workshop led by HighExistence Director Jordan Bates. Side effects may include renewed inspiration, enhanced creativity, and deep flow states.

2. 7-Day Stoic Meditation Training: Melt social anxiety and access grounded confidence using Ancient Stoic practices explored in 7 Guided Meditations led by HighExistence Creative Director Jon Brooks.

3. 20 Epic Tools To Stimulate Epiphanies, Efficiency, and Ecstasy: Get access to a never-before-published list of our favorite tools we use to do our best work and live life to the fullest.

(Note: The above bonuses are only available until March 24th.)

HighExistence is a work of art, co-created by countless people, and it’s time for us to let it blossom without the burden of bullshit ads.

Will you help us make this a reality?

Become a Patron!

You’re free to cancel your monthly contributions at any time. You keep these gifts as our thanks for being on this wild ride with us.

Learn more about our Patreon in the video below:10