The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home

By practicing yoga you can always create your own home, your home from within.

Symphony of Science – Waves of Light

A musical celebration of light and how it tells the story of our universe.

Everyone Should Read This Profound Life Advice From A Person With Terminal Cancer

In the face of death, this man is seeing things clearly and wants to tell you what he thinks life is about.

Jordan Bates

Advice From the Creator of Calvin and Hobbes (Comic by Zen Pencils)

This is a comic written by Zen Pencils. The comic is about advice given to from the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson. Watterson was an extremely impressive cartoonish, winning the Reuben...

Mom gets High for the First Time

My mother, who's also a grandma, smokes weed for the first time on camera and explains experience.


This is just the most insane thing I've seen in months! :D

LINKING BRAINS — Mind Blow #97

Mind Blow features the latest news in science, technology and amazing!

How *Your* Spiritual Growth Is Shaping Human Evolution

How you engage in self-development will ultimately shape the future of the human race.

Steve Taylor