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Actual Beauty ~ Experience.

~What is actual beauty? ~What do we mean when we say "That landscape is beautiful."? I think a more accurate revision of that statement would be "I can perceive that landscape being...

Lucid Dreaming Help

First off, I have never dreamed lucidly, and when I’ve tried I’ve always failed. I usually fall asleep around 3am and wake around 12pm. I abhorred this. So I tried fixing it by staying...

Quick Question

This website isn’t personal enough. So I am hear to ask.. How are you? How’s life been?


Alright HE. Put on your serious faces, because I need guidance. I’m coming up on a major cross road in my life. I’m 17, and I’ve just recently obtained my GED. I honestly have no...


KONY2012.. Who knew a misleading, emotionally manipulative charity film could be so successful? It spread around the world in a matter of days, and gathered millions of followers. My only question is:...


I haven’t been on here for about a month. So, how is everyone?(:


I need to make money quick. All suggestions and/or personal experiences are gratefully welcome (:

Learning a Language

Over the past day I have had the largest burst of motivation to learn a language. Unfortunately, I haven’t the slightest clue where to start… What would you suggest?


It’s a great day to be alive isn’t it? Another day to spend untying the semi-visible knot we call existence. I just wanted to know how everyone is doing? How’s life? :)

One Year to Live

Let’s say you have precisely 365 days from today to live; how would you spend it? What would your priorities be? Would you treat life any differently knowing the exact date of you death? Just...