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21 years old, male, currently studying French and Portuguese at Cambridge University, about to embark on a year in Lisbon studying Philosophy at the University there which I intend to use to enact a bunch of measures for personal improvement. I am a massive proponent of cannabis (which I have used daily for a couple of years but am cutting down on in order to get back in touch with why I really enjoy it) and other psychedelics as I believe that used in the right set and settings can teach us much about ourselves and the world around us. I am generally a shy/introverted person – although I have a close-knit group of best friends who I love with all my heart – although I would like to be more sociable. I have many ideas and wishes and plans, but forever procrastinate and rationalise, although I believe I am on the path to improvement. I have recently started meditating and have noticed increased levels of concentration and general well-being which I hope will continue and improve. At the moment I would say that my dream is to live self-sustainably, able to grow cannabis for patients who are really in need (I have friends with MS and Chron’s and many other conditions who derive immense benefit from cannabis – google the endocannabinoid system) as well as making concentrates (hashes, oils) and spend my free time reading, learning and pursuing a higher truth. I am currently immensely far from this dream but feel I have recently awakened as such, and as long as I keep my resolve anything should be achievable. I love reading all the great thoughts and insights on this site and hope to get to know some of you much more…
Peace, light & pot :)


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