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Life Philosophy

Humanity has failed. At least, some have. Life isn’t only about education, money, starting a family and buying expensive things to make us feel better. Money is only paper. But unfortunately it rules our world these days. We’re all human beings on this ‘beloved’ Earth. People are driven into madness and they feel a need for the newest gadget on the market like the iPhone 5s, because it is WAY better than the previous one.
Again, humanity has failed. The things most care about don’t really matter. We are all sheeps among others in an enormous flock, who have been told that you must educate yourself, or else you won’t become anything. Grades are stupid numbers. The fact that another human can judge how good you are at a specific thing, and shape your life is wrong. Now, regarding the sheeps. We walk among each others with stone-looking faces, not even a smile to an unfamiliar person. I belive that human in 2014, has some kind of prejudice, when it sees someone it doesn’t know. We instantly judge others by their looks too. Who says, that just because you weigh a little too much or doesn’t have the ‘perfect’ look, you’re not a good person?

We must explore the world which is given to us. Beautiful things are out there, just waiting to be noticed. Instead, most choose to stay in their comfortable surroundings because they’re afraid of exploring and noticing new things, since ‘they aren’t used to them’. I aft, to leave Denmark when I’ve finished school. I want to make my own decisions and take care of myself. I’m sure, that most people all over the world will recieve me with happiness, forthcomingness, if I only ask nice, and behave.
Remember this: If you treat others nice, they’ll (hopefully) treat you the same way! Believe in the good things in others, instead of meeting them with predujice and hate based on the fact that they’re someone new.
I’ll finish this later!

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