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Brain use up is a word we have always been familiar with whenever education was discussed and debated.
What exactly is brain use up?
Popularly known as flight of human capital it is the movement of skilled workforce from one geographical location to another.
What are the parameters that determine the extent of brain use up?
Instability in the country in terms of political atmosphere, lopsided job opportunities, lack of health services, absence of educational facilities and even personal or communal conflicts can lead to brain use up. Even Europe faced large scale brain use up when migration of workers took place from eastern and south Eastern Europe to Western Europe. Skilled and educated workforce has also bid adieu from places like Africa, Asia and Middle East. The direct opposite is Brain increase. Nations like Canada, UK, and U.S. were faced with brain increase as educated people flocked into these countries. What did the countries provide to emerge on the other side of the table? Better educational and employment opportunities, better lifestyle and low population were some of the reasons. To curb the flight of talented people from a country to another, various initiatives were put together mainly in developing economies by investing in the educational system, improving job opportunities and health care system in turn with an aim to reverse the brain drain process because it won’t write an essay for you by itself. To what extent has the attempt been successful? Seemingly a lot remains to be done. Some even suggest that doing away with reservations in the educational and employment front can also reduce the extent of brain use

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