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  • 2015-11-05 @ 02:07:25

    Amazing quote. I totally agree.

    To me it means you must be courageous enough to become conscious of, or aware of everything that you have repressed over the years. To take a look at yourself from outside of yourself, objectively, and see all the forces that are at play within you. In order to live the life you want to live and are meant to live you have to first be willing to look at any and all aspects of your behavior that are preventing you from becoming that ideal version of yourself.

    The idea of the unconscious is that its effecting your life whether you are conscious of it or not. A force within you always at work. Whether you are awake or asleep the unconscious is always alive and running, acting on all of thoughts you feed it. So if you have this incredible force within you, why not have it work with you instead of against you?

    Until you start to directly confront and bring to the surface of your conscious attention the feelings (fears, desires, anger, doubts etc) you typically try to keep locked deep down, it will feel like there are forces outside of yourself determining the events and outcome of your life, which you may call “fate” or “karma”.

    Take ownership of your life and accept yourself in all of you current strengths and weaknesses. Own your story or it will own you. Be cool with everything about yourself. Let it all be. Be totally honest with yourself about where you are in life so that you can most effectively move towards where you want to be.

    Continue repressing fears, doubts, insecurities, etc. and they will remain deep down within you and have control over your related actions. But if you are willing to face everything that holds you back and realize that it is all self-imposed, you will start to experience new parts of yourself that you had no idea were there. You will do things with ease that use to make you feel overcome with fear. You will excel in and achieve the goals that you were afraid you would never achieve. Through merging the conscious mind with the unconscious mind, you in a sense become the master of your own fate.

    Or at least that’s my spontaneous, ranting take on it. I could talk about this stuff forever.

    Thanks for the awesome quote!