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New York


SUNY Geneseo

Life Philosophy

Listening to my gut/soul.

I am...

becoming someone I’m proud of


“For a second, I felt confused about who I’d been at any point before this. And I focused on the feeling. It thrilled me. It made me realize I’m an individual, but not because I’m special, or unique or any other empty idea, but because I could never share my thrills and disappointments. It was all mine, but in a way that wasn’t by choice.

I could walk up to someone on the street, and I’d be containing this amazing feeling, without them noticing it. I could be jobless and ecstatic, and walk up to someone and they’d think I was just another person. I could look that person in the eyes and they’d notice nothing. I could say, “Look at me, what do you see.”And they wouldn’t see it. But I’d still be feeling it. And it’d be mine.”

“The goal is to become more child-like, and less child-ish.”



Stoner by John Williams is the book I tell everyone to read.


Rock music, some metal, some hip-hop, classical, jazz,

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Too many to name here.

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