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    Hey Filip,
    I am actually curious of why you think that concepts like ‘Ego Death’ are BS so to say. I understand that the western machine needs egos to push the advancement, but eastern cultures also have capitalism. It’s true that Buddhist monks and other spiritual groups have the luxury of not having to participate in the ratrace and can allow themselves the time to pursue achieving a state of ‘Non Ego’, but the same could happen here in the west too. Such non ego people wouldn’t be a productive member of society directly, but they would bring woreward teachings that would help other achieve a state of piece and maybe more clarity in their everyday lifes… like Eckhart Tolle does.
    Yes it is a very complicated subject with a lot of details wich can be addressed, still I would appriciate to get a glimps of your take on why ‘Ego Death’ would be populistic propaganda.

    5 Ego Destroying Concepts That Prove There is No “You” After All