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Jena, Germany

Life Philosophy

Think happy, be happy.

I am...

an 18 year old student from Germany, playing the guitar all day long, break- and urbandancing through the afternoons, reading books in the evening and being bored of the traditional school system. I am quite interested in finding new ways to live life in a way that it makes me happy and has a meaning.


“When you´re happy it feels like you´ve always been happy and you always will be happy. Same goes for being sad, being bitter, and so on. Something, perhaps, to remember.”



I´ve read tons of books in my life, the ones that changed my life the most definitly were:
The 4-Hour-Body (believe it or not lol)
The Magic of Thinking BIG
Sex at Dawn
The Game
Lob des Sexismus (don´t know if theres an english version of that)


Mostly classic and reggae, sometimes some indie and alternative, when I´m chillin with my girlfriend :)

Film & TV

I don´t watch TV :)

Best movies so far:
All Chaplin-movies (especially The Great Dictator and Gold Rush)
Clockwork Orange
Project Zeitgeist