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  • 2012-10-12 @ 03:14:31

    Nicely written, a good read. I’m not going to say whether I agree or disagree, that’s quite a short-sighted thing to do if you’re a philosopher searching for truth. I’ll just add a few points:

    Faith in God can be a great source of power and knowledge for some people. Prior to Nietzche’s time, science obviously wasn’t such an advanced and dominant source of knowledge as it is today, so with regards to Truth, people had a tendency to really believe in God (and they did derive a lot of knowledge and wisdom by a very very strong faith).

    Nowadays science has sorted of killed that for us. We find it harder to believe in things we can’t prove in this physical world. The whole big bang theory makes it seem like the universe was just a whole big accident – unintelligent and chaotic. To think that a stupid big bang would result in such intricate and complex machines as human beings and animals, and plants and flowers and birds… Makes me laugh!

    And what about consciousness? This is science’s last frontier… And if you ask me, science will NEVER be able to figure it out with it’s focus on matter and phenomena, primarily.

    Intellectual arrogance is the problem of today. THAT is why a lot of people are so closed-minded and shitty.

    God and His Shadow

  • 2012-07-27 @ 02:36:21

    Great stuff. I guess what you’re saying is that suffering is in fact what gives meaning to the momentary bouts of pleasure and satisfaction. And without suffering for it, we wouldn’t appreciate the ends as much. That’s very true :)

    Schopenhauer’s Big Mistake: The Pleasure of Ephemeral Satisfaction