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  • 2012-11-07 @ 14:25:26

    eww that’s discrimination.


  • 2012-11-05 @ 12:13:39

    absolutely amazing post Jordan!

    15 Ways to MINDFUCK Yourself

  • 2012-10-22 @ 14:10:56

    L.P. for the win

    Let it go

  • 2012-07-30 @ 08:48:47

    love this movie!
    nice quote too

    Your life book

  • 2012-07-15 @ 02:54:33

    i’d love to live there…

    Self-Sustainable Tree House Community in Costa Rica. Almost there.

  • 2012-07-14 @ 00:25:07

    I’ve been waiting for you to make a post on your awesome book list. you’ve been recommending a few and I was curious about some others you would recommend.
    nice post brother :)

    7 Books That Will Violently Shift Your Perspectives

  • 2012-06-18 @ 09:42:55

    I loved it too! great questions being asked, really made my brain work hard haha!

    Beyond Thought (Awareness Itself)

  • 2012-06-17 @ 11:44:51

    i totally agree!

    ‘if we all shared, we would all be even’

  • 2012-06-15 @ 11:57:49

    @jordan, thank you for recommending Sacred Economics! i’m reading it now and its just mind blowing me every page I turn!
    how easy it would be if we all thought that way eh?

    How We Can (Actually) Change The World – Pt. 1/3

  • 2012-06-02 @ 15:19:36

    I bought a juicer today! and some fruits and veggies. I’m doing a test drink tomorrow :D

    My 14-Day Juice Fast

  • 2012-05-29 @ 18:11:53

    I’ve been thinking about doing this! and I probably will one day :)
    what were you favorite juices to make? do you have any good recipes for us?

    My 14-Day Juice Fast

  • 2012-05-20 @ 02:44:37

    I don’t get what people have against homosexuals. they are the sweetest man I have ever met. just like this video. nothing wrong with LOVE

    It’s time.

  • 2012-05-16 @ 18:12:55

    watching this vid made me car sick…. but good information :)

    How To Astral Project….Easily.

  • 2012-05-06 @ 13:53:26

    woah…. weird.

    Scramble Suit

  • 2012-04-26 @ 05:15:57

    im playing this on replay. awesome stuff!

    Dub FX 10/10/2008 ‘Love Someone’

  • 2012-04-25 @ 15:34:47

    lol how can jesus be born 5 BC?

    Three Teachers

  • 2012-04-01 @ 12:05:26

    also i have faked illness from school and work sometimes. i made it seem like i felt miserable.
    but after a few hours of pretending i DID feel miserable and sick. i’ve never tried this the other way around though…

    Wim Hof a.k.a. The Ice Man, Scientifical Breakthrough!

  • 2012-04-01 @ 11:33:57

    that controlling of your heart beat/ breathing is something i control while being way stoned. i always tell myself im being to stoned and don’t believe it afterward but now that it try and succeed every time im stoned im starting to believe that it is possible…

    also, i met a guy when i was young whom always and with always i mean every day, wears a shirt. even in the winters (in the Netherlands) so i asked him if he weren’t cold. then he explained that it is something in your mind. in that he gave me a challenge. ‘when its cold, try and imagine it is not cold at all. feel the warmth of the sun like you feel in the summer’
    now after 10 some years…. shit he was right. allot of things are changed by your mind. for example; our eyes see upside down but our mind flips the image. but if we are in control of our mind (or master it) we could possibly change some things (after hard practice)

    Wim Hof a.k.a. The Ice Man, Scientifical Breakthrough!

  • 2012-04-01 @ 02:34:51

    this is awesome!

    Top 5 Videos Of Alan Watts

  • 2012-02-14 @ 19:32:03

    on Buddha’s teachings*

    How to Learn & Enjoy Life More: The Power of Audio Learning

  • 2012-02-14 @ 19:29:33

    stumbled upon a new audio page with some great stuff on it!

    How to Learn & Enjoy Life More: The Power of Audio Learning

  • 2012-01-17 @ 19:12:17

    i’ve been doing it for a while now, mostly to get me to sleep calmly (self help/hypnosis audio books) and its great! this post made me download some new ones witch i can listen to while at work. :) i recommend it to everyone, it really helps you.

    How to Learn & Enjoy Life More: The Power of Audio Learning

  • 2011-11-10 @ 16:47:05

    i wrote down 23 of the 30. some i already do. this list is awesome and very helpful for anyone!

    30 Challenges for 30 Days