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  • 2016-09-29 @ 19:09:15

    @ Elion We are not animals though (we share the same environment, but differ greatly), we are human beings. That’s like trying to say plants and rocks are the same thing. Sure, they’re there with each other and, ultimately, we are all one, but they obviously should be categorized differently. Therefore, we should not be equated with animals (and their primitive drives) to rationalize the lower level of awareness of one particular group of people over another. You could rationalize a lot more bullshit with that way of thinking. It is also a poor excuse and lacking in the social/ spiritual potential our species is capable of.

    I do agree with you on certain systems and rules being in place for life to be sustained. However, they should be harmonious with nature, love being the ruler. Not limited man, fear based thinking. Nature, in its pure, unimpeded state is exemplary of the highest form of balance. The “lost cultures” lived by this balance to the best of their ability, which is why they will always be glorified.