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  • 2015-09-27 @ 17:04:24

    And also the resistance comes from the ego and the fear associated with not fulfilling the persona we cling to

    How I Embarked On A Slippery Hero’s Journey By Following My Bliss(ters)

  • 2015-09-27 @ 16:39:08

    Yes I can totally agree with the projecting of our internal resistance onto those around us. Thanks for replying I love to be able to have these conversations and express these ideas and get feedback which only teaches me more and allows me to ponder on new concepts… This internal resistance i feel is centered around the illusion I beheld for so much of my life that there is only one right path and if you’re not on it you are damned to eternal suffering but all paths are the right path and it is possible to be in total acceptance at every step

    How I Embarked On A Slippery Hero’s Journey By Following My Bliss(ters)

  • 2015-09-18 @ 03:14:56

    Thank you for sharing your story! I had a very similar experience, I am still in college and had been ignoring the call until it grabbed me and pulled me to take a semester off and move to Hawaii for a few months. I have thought long and hard about the step that was in my journey and though it seems on the surface as if the trip to Hawaii was the pot of gold and the end of the rainbow it was an eye opening experience that taught me that I don’t have to play by the same rules everyone else is playing by and that my life is unique, as is everyone’s. I’m trying not to write a novel here but I really appreciated your post, I have been debating whether that intital decision to go to Hawaii and the changes I’ve made sense are “irresponsible” or immature and stupid but like you I have concluded that no, forcing myself to live life a certain way in fear of upsetting their comfortable mindset will lead to a life of continued force. It’s easy to figure out which “path of least resistance” is the one to avoid and I’ve figured out that following these calls often times comes with a lot of external resistance from those around you but it only builds you a stronger foundation and sense of intuition and sort of weeds out the old lessons still present in your life.

    How I Embarked On A Slippery Hero’s Journey By Following My Bliss(ters)