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Life Philosophy

I haven’t given up hope in humanity, i just think we need to first look with in ourselves for comfort instead of being co-dependent. Other than that I think every individual has the power to do whatever they set their mind to. However there just needs to be a more publicized outlet where people can learn and grow. I’ve just recently “stumbled upon” this website and i have to say I am very impressed and excited. Hopefully this community will continue to grown and educate people that would like to learn more but don’t know where to look.

I am...

I am a vessel that humbles himself to every situation that perplexes my understanding. Although within my humbled perception I am then given the opportunity to learn,better myself and others as well. I will never stop learning and loving, although within that same notion I feel like our society tries to define us. I am not your average free spirited hippie… I am a balance individual that enjoys life on a day to day bases. However I am also a creature of my environment and even though I despise our corrupt system, I’m a capitalist at heart. I WILL make a lot of money…only to give it back to the ones in our generation that are dedicating their existence in finding a way to inform and educate people. Instead of the assholes looking for the next profitable venture, that will only deplete and destroy the Earth. Its up to MY generation to save this world and stop waiting for someone else to come in and save the day.


I would like to expand my library so if we have never had a conversation a good topic would be a book that really inspired you.


.I love Passion Pit…maybe a little too much I am able to listen to their sound piece by piece. I love every kind of sound that tries to connect with me on multiple levels. It seems like most of todays radio is just auditory and while I love a good beat as much as the next guy. I also enjoy listening to a story, one that actually conveys emotion for me to analyze in my own way.