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How many of you were fool enough or Brave Enough to Experiment with Datura

There’s a thin line between courage and foolishness. Please share your Experience

49 lessons for a better 2014 !

Today is the first day of a new great year. Today is a new start, a new beginning, a new chapter in our life’s book or just a blank page that wait to be written. Either way, today is the day we...


Since the troll Desi is obsessed with this topic I thought I would write about it. Morality is based on the consensus populations belief of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’....

The Year Ahead: Year Planning Workbook

This is amazing, check it out: More: PDF: Enjoy HEthens!!


I would hope for this to be a professional thread. Please discuss in an organized fashion what supplements you have taken and which have given results. Please take in mind placebo. Please! The placebo...

Can’t believe there’s not one already… PICTURE THREAD!

You. With the face. Let’s see it. Now! Why? Because I’m creepy and like looking at people. Haha no but seriously, I love looking at pictures, and I love being able to put a face with my...

Caffeine Dreams

Do you find that certain foods/substances/behaviors affect your ability to recall dreams? I recently went off caffeine cold turkey and WOW- every night since has been like a movie marathon in my head....

Zen Pencils

For those of you who haven’t been to this site yet, it blows my mind and is absolutely beautiful. The creator is making a book in this upcoming year and I am extremely excited about it so I...

Mescaline + MDMA day incoming.

I’m very excited to announce that after around a years stay away from psychedelics (other than THC) I’m finally going to mix my most anticipated substance (MDMA) with my favorite entheogen...

The most beautiful explanation on Relationships.

I would like to share with all of you this beautiful explanation on Relationships.