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  • 2014-07-14 @ 01:27:58

    Great guide, I enjoyed reading it. Microdosing seems quite interesting and I would imagine very therapeutic. A full Iboga experience is something I plan to do when I am much more experienced with psychedelics and in an overall better place spiritually and mentally. I still have a ways to go until Iboga and I are ready to meet face to face.

    The Ultimate Guide to Iboga: How To Extract, Use & Learn

  • 2013-07-08 @ 16:18:49


    Reaching for the Stars

  • 2013-06-16 @ 18:53:25

    thought provoking indeed. I really enjoyed this series of articles.

    Short Meditations on Utopia Pt. 3/3

  • 2013-05-30 @ 03:15:09

    amazing idea, makes me really want a powerup tattoo now lol
    I normally am pretty bad about applying the articles here, but this one is happening. Thanks!

    How To Install a Power-Up Button On Your Body