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a creative and graphic designer


“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.” – Bruce Lee

“I don’t believe anything, but I have many suspicions.” -Robert Anton Wilson

“We look for the Secret – the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of the Wise, Supreme Enlightenment, ‘God’ or whatever…and all the time it is carrying us about…It is the human nervous system itself.” -Robert Anton Wilson

“Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” -Leonardo Da Vinci


The Republic, Tao Te Ching, Prometheus Rising…so many more


Logic, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flatbush Zombies, Isaiah Rashad, Mac Miller

Film & TV

Kung-Fu movies, Kill Bill, IP Man, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, DBZ, Fullmetal Alchemist

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