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  • 2014-03-07 @ 14:05:29

    Wow, respect for being able to go through that.

    Though frankly, I think it is very sad that we heavily discipline, almost torture ourselves in an attempt to be more accepting and free. Like we totally lost touch with our naturalness, our sensitivity. ;.(
    I mean, it’s natural, innocent to not want to face and bear pain.

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  • 2013-07-29 @ 16:52:20

    I did mushrooms several times. While I totally see their value and the fascination with the experience (they definitely expanded my awareness and opened many doors inside of me), nowadays I wouldn’t suggest them to anyone.

    The psychedelic experience is certainly mind expaning, but this in itself is not a virtue. It can also violently open yourself to your own confusion and, in some cases, the pits of hell (and not even necessarily providing any deep insight).
    I had some very uncomfortable trips, and I definitely don’t wish a bad trip like I experienced upon anyone. What I experienced wasn’t actually that bad of a trip compared to the hellish experience of some people, so actually our fear towards them is pretty warranted.

    If you use the substances, please do it VERY carefully. I wasn’t exactly reckless, yet I didn’t treat them with the proper respect. These substances are not toys in any way. I recommend trying treshold doses first, and I would warn against going beyond low doses.
    Low doses of mushrooms will already give you quite a special experience if you are open to it.

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