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  • 2011-06-08 @ 08:02:32

    “you can safely drive on it” Wrong!

    I was driving my buddies car on a vacation and I was high as funk! I stalled the car a few times, and I had to tunnel my vision onto the road. I did not feel in any way safe, or fit to be driving, but my buddy was super drunk and we had to drop some girl off who couldn’t drive stick.

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  • 2011-06-08 @ 07:48:30

    I don’t agree 100% with this post. It is sometimes good to get outside of your comfort zone and do things you do not want to do. It can help you grow as a person, and present new opportunities which would have never happened if you did not force yourself to do something. There are positives in every negative, so stay positive and don’t be a wuss. Just do it! If you commit to something, it is cowardly to just bail because you don’t feel like it.

    For example, my mom asked me to help her get a few things from the home my grandpa was released from (her book shelves and an old TV). I really did not want to help but then I though, “I am not in the mood to drive 30 min to get this crap that she doesn’t need anyway, but my mom does so much for me, and would bend the world backwards for me.” I had other things I wanted to do that day, but instead I decided to help my mom even though I did not want to, but decided to stay as positive as possible (it is easy for my mom and I to bump heads). Turns out, it was a great decision. My mother and I talked all the way up about all sorts of interesting things, and I decided to hang out longer and have lunch with her. I no longer cared about getting home quick to do my other activities, but instead enjoyed the time I was having with my mom, which is truly priceless.

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