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My aim is to guide people about the right practices of law of attraction, meditation, advanced yoga, brain power and all other spiritual aspects and bridge the gap between Theories and spiritual/metaphysical practices.

I strongly believe in Taking Action and applying the learning rather than waiting for things to happen of its own.

I am...

I’ve been meditating and in spiritual path for last 10 years.I passionately use Law of Attraction for living a blissful life. I love visiting sacred and mystical places to feel the true power of energy, vibration ,universal and spiritual laws.While visiting these places i got blessing from old Indian Masters. I also love being productive on my laptop, because that’s how I make a living.

I live in India creating abundance with my own online businesses. Also enjoy writing. Currently writing a book – “Beyond Manifestation”.

I love to coach ,guide and help people with my experience and blessings from higher power.


I am a powerful soul living a blissful life all the time.





I love reading good books related to – Law of attraction, Meditation ,Brain waves ,hypnosis, life style and Yoga,manifestation, universal laws, the secret, secret quotes, subconscious mind,mind power, brain power,holistic healing, alternate health, weight loss, relationship, muscle gain, diet plan ,baby


spiritual music, mantra, binaural beat , theta beats, isochronic beats, buddha beats

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