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understand how everyone fits into the complex world around them

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A visionary learner


Sometimes I wonder how we do sleep,
serving the dodgy companies we keep.
All kicking and scrounging for the very first place-
dictionary definition of a rat race.
Paying off those losers we elect to lead,
stealing from the mouths that we’re meant to feed.
Enslaving the very clothes upon my back,
I feel the sting but I hear no crack…
-John Butler



Leaves of Grass, Dreamgates, Wheels of Life, The Alchemist, Harry Potter, The Iliad, The Cellestine Prophecy


Dan Fogelberg, Jack Johnson, Gotye, Ellie Goulding, Dubstep, Mumford & Sons, John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd

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Sports, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Archer, The Office, Animal Planet, NG, Discovery, 50/50, Lord of The Rings, The Celestine Prophecy,