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MJ DeMarco – Escaping Financial Slavery, Finding High-Velocity Business Ideas and the Problem With Following Your Passion (#57)

In the first episode of The Stairway to Wisdom Podcast, author and business maestro, MJ DeMarco, paves the direct path to financial freedom.

Matt Karamazov

Ed Prideaux – HPPD, Psychedelic Narcissism and the Pitfalls of Pathologizing (#58)

A sobering yet deeply trippy conversation about hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, mental health paradigms, and the metaverse.

Nic Stubbs

Jake Kobrin – A Beginner’s Masterclass in Magick: How to Manifest Your True Will (#59)

Visionary artist and real-life wizard Jake Kobrin explains how to manifest your True Will by harnessing the forces of Magick.

Nic Stubbs

Steve Sims – Be You, Be Clear and They Will Come: Straight-up Marketing Advice From The Real Life Wizard of Oz (#60)

The Biggy Smalls of marketing kicks in the door and lays down the whole law with an arsenal of no bullsh*t marketing tips.

Matt Karamazov

Cris Beasley – A Grounded Guide to Channelling, Psychedelic Facilitation and Figuring Out What You Are Here to Do (#62)

A modern-day witch shares wisdom earned on her alchemical journey from being a tech CEO to becoming an oracle creator and psychedelic guide.

Eric Brown

10 Steps For Turning Your Inner Critic Into an Inner Ally

Last month, I decided to embark on a 30X challenge, where I would investigate my own Inner Critic...

Ronan Loughney