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Life Philosophy


Gotta stay on TOP
to see thy WORTH

—-> i WANT to see you NAKED and TOUCH your SOUL

I am...

IDON’T plan for the future
for iKNOW everything CHANGE,
and BE the BEST of WHO iAM…
I love my Friends,,,
Love meeting different kinds of people,
what i DON’T LIKE:
* People who throw a nasty JOKE, even thou you only knew them for a minute.


Are you a confident person? why or why not?
At first, I may act cold, I just need to feel my rhythm for a minute then I turn to a totally boom person!!


Are you more shy or outgoing?
Outgoing I love meeting people and talking with strangers.


Do you tend to stay home or go out more?
I love my home so much. This is where I do my rituals
And love to go out, know the world, and have fun with people… I BALANCE TIME ;p


Do you like night or day better?
I love night, this is the time where I feel more energize and productive ^^


How would you describe your family life?
Not perfect, we fights, we argue and cry with each other. HUGS and KISSES is a MUST!!


Do you think that you judge people easily?
Yep, I judge people the way they talked, but as much as possible I’m trying to be transparent to see the real person behind every mask. “I still believed the people are good at heart” BY: ANNE FRANK


Are you bluntly honest, or is it usually hard for you to say how you really feel?
HONEST! Especially if I’m fucking MAD!! Haha, but don’t worry. I do it personally,
P.S I LOVE watching public scandal, but jEEez not my scandal.. lol


What is your favourite type of music?
Disco music! The music that makes my blood runs!!
Slow music is good, especially if I’m on my private place… lol


Do you have any musical talent?
Sad to say, NONE!! Uhuhuhhu.. =(
why almost everyone out here knows how to sing, but me? OMG, no comment.. lol


Are you talented at drawing or painting?
Nope, but I’m good at other form of art, mosaic is my specially


What is the one thing you are most afraid of?
To lost Faith in God. I may not attending mass nor doing things like a conservative Christian does but I can say that my faith is sold. And I don’t want that one day I’ll wake up losing faith in Him.
What is something that you find incredibly annoying?
hMMmm, when people ask me serious stuff in public!! WTF!! Serious matter should be taken privately. lol
Do you have any weird habits?
hMMmm, I love feeling my senses.. I love indulging myself on stuff that some people think its ain’t right..

Have your parents ever found something of yours that you wish had stayed hidden?
hMMmm… NONE, as much as possible I make everything transparent. Even thou is feels awkward I tell my mom stuff that bothers me.. well except stuff that I crack wrong way!! jeeEz, for sure she’s going to laugh at me and tell me “sos, how old are still you don’t know the BASICS?” shikz!! Not good..
Are you judgmental about people who smoke/drink/do drugs? If so, why?
NOPE, I’m surrounded by different kinds of tribe. I know people who engaged on such things and I always have a good conversation with them. I think it’s nice to know the basic of each tribe, by doing this you learn to respect their way of life at the same time, grow. Besides that sharing seat with them doesn’t mean I doing same stuff with them.

~ – “Everything should be taken moderately, dont let this stuff take your LIFE from your hands.”
Are you or have you ever been addicted to something?
Yep, I think Life is all about addiction.. Addiction motivates me to do things I please. ^^
Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
hMMmmm, maybe.. I actually don’t think about it. One of my gals (best friend) once become addicted to it,, She said its good makes you feel alert and blah, blah, blah… I also learn that it’s not that harmful as much as the cigarette and tobacco does (this is where my grandfather died :() so I think its okie..
In your opinion, is it evens the government’s right to decide what we’re allowed to put into our own bodies or should it be a personal decision?
Personal decision. I believed the more you try to imprison people the more they will struggle to make their selves free. So the best outlet is to let the people decide for themselves. They are old enough to know what if the different between the left and the right, lol…
Do you practice a religion? If so, which one?
Yep, I’m a Roman Catholic and under an Augustinian Organization, But I’m a freethinker.. lol
Honestly, does it bother you when people’s religious beliefs differ from yours?
Nope, I actually don’t care of whatever the religion you belong as long as you face me the true you. I have friends who are an Aglipay, Mormons, and a Muslims.
Do you find it irritating when people are overly pious? What about atheistic?
Pious-> hehe, honestly I don’t care and they don’t get me irritated, I just ignore them. I once tried being on their tribe and so say I can’t stand being with them. I just can’t move and feels like I got something stuck my throat and I don’t like it. But I got nothing against them. I think they are also trying to view this world in a good way..
Atheistic-> hMMm, I think almost everyone is atheist but in different levels.
Why does/doesn’t religion appeal to you?
Religion-> I’m a Christian, I believed that Bible is all about symbolism and Humanity.
And all religion is the same. They all want the good for its follower.
Do you have any major regrets?
So far, hMMmm… None.. hehehe// I always learn something good that happens in my life..
What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
When I got drunk and threw up. SHIT!! That will not happen again!! Well, sometimes it’s nice to acted like a smart women even thou I know I’m not.. haha
Have you ever broken any bones?
Yep! Huhuuhhu… well, you’re talking with Miss Clumsy lol
What is your favourite book?
Seed of Greatness ♥
What book are you currently reading?
The Bride Stripped Bane, anonymous

What are your opinions on piercings and tattoos? Do you have any piercings/tattoos? If so, what do you have?
I don’t like piercing especially for guys.
Tattoos are great especially when you place it correctly. I find it sexy for guys but not too many. It looks dirty.. I’m actually planning to have it behind my ears soon. Maybe after 5 years, I need to gain something before having it, hoping for a red rose with a snake and a cross.
What is your favourite style of writing?
simply, BOLD


I DON’T need your PRAISES, just an HONEST OPINION^^
— MUSIC makes my BLOOD RUN!!
The best way to RESISTS is to FORGET///…
You don’t have the GUTS to JUDGE a relationship if YOUR ain’t part of it…
There is no REASON to WORRY if your AIN’T GUILTY…
And i think its NATURAL,
If you’re not, then you’re not belong
To the RACE called HUMAN,
I Love everything that surround me… I Love Listening to people thoughts, i always learn from them….
FAKE it til YOU GET it.. “COPIED”
If you WISH to be SUCCESSFUL you need to TRUST people and established strong TIES…
If you can’t show LOVE In What YOU are DOING Then you’re a Big SHIT…
What I Hate MOST is when somebody QUESTIONS my LOYALTY!!
I NEVER give a DAMN to a Man who can only SPELL one way. “COPIED”
Don’t let somebody STOP you on things that MAKE you feel HAPPY
Don’t use a word that you don’t know what it means.
I’m just A mirror of who you Are..=) sOo PLS bE NICE=)
Stay what you are… this world will be sad if ever you’ll go, always know you purpose.
When dancing I release all my emotions…. so great to feel alive when the music starts….
Love sees no sacrifice…
Everyone have the “not so good qualities”… if you really love the person you should accept who she really is.
Sometimes it’s better to ride on the dangerous wind than to stay on steady struck and know nothing…
I Love seeing people in Different Dimensions. I want to hear them talked & learn from them, I feel their sorrows & joys. Thanks to them I learn to appreciate life…
Never ever touch the boarding line; caused you never know who you might trespassed… ..
If you WANT to get what you WANT,
YOU need to be a PRISONER of it^^
If you show Love in everything you do, Life would show you the Love it possess…
The BEST way to convince someone is to give him a question MARK…That will going to FREAK him…
If you let me walk into your Life I can make you fall in Loved
Sometimes Great appreciation is better Left Unspoken, caused I wanna make you feel it ^^
Let music enter your ears,
Bite your mind, penetrate by your soul
and move your body..
“you look awesome honey”
If you gonna hug the pain It will going to turn back and kiss yAh goodbye.. Ang dAYa nYa..=((
follow your Star it will always Lead you home… “COPIED”
I love people who oppose me! they make me discover Life ^^
LOVE never fails, but HUMAN does..!!!..
it’s nice to set walls but make it transparent, well you should know what’s really happening..
We’re divided by so many things…Yet we always meet at the same point “LOVE”
What’s the different between talking and writing…. talking releases energy while writing expresses yet burning… .
Photos captured emotions, but not personality!!
Your Vocabulary speaks of your Personality…=)
I love changes in life… cause of this I Learn and grow to become a person I wanna be….. Step by step I know I could do everything…
Ask people want they want and you can get what you want from them….
What you are now is the result of what have you done in the past, so never ever blame other people…
The mean reason why we change is to discover who we really are and to be become the person we want to be.
For every worst you should see the best, for every best you should also examine its worst, balance should always be there for the absence of it make life undesirable…
I meet people who talk logically & while they talking too much unconsciously they failed to distinguish between their point of view & the thing they are discussing.
Why do stupid people exist…?.. Simply, they add colour to our life ^^
Just smile to life and it will smile back at you.
The Past have thoughts us so many things, what We are now is the product, we don’t need to be the prisoner Of it.!

I speak with MY soul…


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