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Los Angeles California


Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts

Life Philosophy

Open your heart. Exercise your thoughts, and value your mind. Bring something new to our existence. Love infinitely.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Gandhi

I am...

I am a manifestation of thought and action, battered into a body, and thrown on to a stage with a cloth over my eyes. Abandon all social values, possessions, and expectation to minimize the distraction of illusory emotional and psychological attachments. Aggressively attack society to help liberate others. Purposefully open oneself up to ridicule and challenge in order to remain detached from that which is truly insignificant. I’ve managed to rip some holes in this cloth, but my goal is to untie it. To see. To grasp. To understand. To truly love.


“Why is there something, rather than nothing?”