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    I certainly have a bais outlook concerning the concept of communicating with the universe to a degree because I have believed it so strongly at many instances in my life. So much so that I can admit it may have religiously blinded me to lean a certain way with my thoughts. But, this is such an interesting way to look at and explain the successful outcomes of following your gut feeling, and pursuing what you perceive to be signs of some sort. It almost seems as if there is a ‘groove’ or flow of things, that brings you where you want to be if you actively follow the patterns that give you positive instinctual responses. I have always felt an extreme connectivity with the universe, and I have found the most success in my life has derived from following those patterns, and becoming more aware of them. This could be due to the subconcious, that’s a very probable explanation that genuinely intrigued me. However, maybe it has to do with my natural inclination to believe in something mystical for some type of assurance in some manner, or even my experiences with psychedelics, and the beautifully insane connectedness they allowed me to feel, but I still feel as though there is some type of universal connectivity we cannot cognitively grasp, and there would be some way to receive subtle messsages or paths from the universe. I really think psychedelics have mastered their way over my thoughts pertaining communicating with the universe…if you’ve ever taken them, you would truly be able to grasp the concept of ego death, and mass conciousness. There were times where I felt infinite understanding, wisdom, unity, and truth, but not as me. As something else. It could be a mixture of my subconcious and my intoxicated mind bringing me to these states of euphoria, but perhaps its something more.

    How to Read The Signs of the Universe