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Life Philosophy

Basically we are all put here for a reason only we can figure out what our purpose is may it be small or big we all must make our own impact on this world. And dont forget to live every day like it was your last

I am...

here just to find others like me who feel like they are alone im here to find the outcasts the ones society has forgotten about know your not alone you know who you are i googled. A dream i have. Been having and it brought me here apparently it has happened to other people like me so im not the only. One and I seen a few other tropics that just raise more questions and. After today and tonight i dont think anything will be the same


“i do not fear death i fear what my children are left with when im gone” yours truely

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth living ” Bruce Lee
Emma Goldman my idol lol
“How long would authority last if not for the willingness of the mass to become soldiers, policemen, jailers and hangman



Anarchist cook book, I recently found a book. That is the most extensive collection of Benjamin Franklin’s. Personal writings i have ever seen its amazing can’t. Put it down anything that peeks my intrest really


Mgk,slipknot technine and just about everything in between from jazz to classical

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dont really watch much tv anymore but when i did anything educational history channel national geographic

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