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New Zealand

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a quiet person who enjoys spending a fair bit of time alone. When i am with people, I tend to avoid making small talk, preferring to have an in depth conversation about almost anything mentally stimulating. I’m a bookworm and spend a fair bit of time studying random topics online too.


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it – Aristotle

Great minds discuss ideas and concepts, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss other people – Unknown



Stephen King, Robert Jordan, Bernard Cornwall, Edward Rutherford, to name a few favorite authors. Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael was mind bending and i have read the Celestine Prophecies and 1984 too.


Chinese bamboo flute music is great, along with tai chi music. I listen to lindsey stirling and a fair bit of other music too. Love System of a Down and several older bands such as Black Sabbath and Pantera.

Film & TV

It Crowd, Game of thrones, usual animated series ie Simpsons, Family Guy ect.