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  • 2015-08-10 @ 13:09:06

    That was an enjoyable read. I love how you’re so dark about your struggles haha, sometimes we need to be put in the dark to realize the light. I believe you’ll find your insight as log as you keep striving!

    Also I laughed when you said you read an article and it was SHIT but the headline was good LOL. Love your style of writing!

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  • 2015-08-06 @ 14:59:13

    You know what I realized? I never been a religious person, but I do try to consider the doctrines to allow myself the broader perspective of open-mindedness.

    What I realize after reading a Zen Story: The Pointer (which I will put underneath my comment) is that:

    For all the great religious and spiritual teachers who were believed to walk this Earth such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, so on and so forth; They were the enlightened ones, the one who saw the truth, acted in truth. We saw them as mystics who walked the Earth, just to heal it. And at times, we would forget that they are only as physical and as human as we were, they were simply our great masters, teachers and for some, hope.

    They taught people to understand, enduring suffering is a part of life and enduring while having great compassion and understanding, all in turn will lead to enlightenment (Wisdom).

    So why is it that we see them as Gods? They were simply examples as teachers are our role models. What we ourselves could possibly achieve both in physical and mental are the building builds to a positive mindset; compassion and wisdom that they spoke of to humankind which was achievable by humans alone. They weren’t god’s, simple human beings that achieved such compassion and understanding of such things.
    They simply weren’t pointing at themselves to being the picture, they were pointing at a bigger one. Perhaps a vision that they saw that we didn’t quite understand yet, that’s if we could achieve such understanding. They weren’t simply enlightened teachers of compassion and wisdom, but visionaries.
    (reference to the moon in Zen story)

    Although you may not be at all spiritual or religious in a sense. It’s a completely universal idea:
    You could learn to love by simply trying to understand one’s actions, trying to understand in-depth of why they did what they did. One’s action does not confirm one’s intentions nor does it confirm one person can never change thus learn. Although we see life with our minds, we sometimes forget to see life with our hearts.

    Zen story:

    The Zen teacher’s dog loved his evening romp with his master. The dog would bound ahead to fetch a stick, then run back, wag his tail, and wait for the next game. On this particular evening, the teacher invited one of his brightest students to join him – a boy so intelligent that he became troubled by the contradictions in Buddhist doctrine.
    “You must understand,” said the teacher, “that words are only guideposts. Never let the words or symbols get in the way of truth. Here, I’ll show you.”
    With that the teacher called his happy dog.
    “Fetch me the moon,” he said to his dog and pointed to the full moon.
    “Where is my dog looking?” asked the teacher of the bright pupil.
    “He’s looking at your finger.”
    “Exactly. Don’t be like my dog. Don’t confuse the pointing finger with the thing that is being pointed at. All our Buddhist words are only guideposts. Every man fights his way through other men’s words to find his own truth.”

    – Metaphoric perspective:
    when it comes to being lost in a cave, and the leaders being the source of light. While everyone was pointing at the leader, the leader was pointing at the actual exit that we couldn’t see ourselves. Sometimes we forget that leadership involves teamwork and group dynamic; a leader’s vision is never carried on on his/her own. Never. The leader’s job is not to set his vision on his people, but to have the goals of the vision as if it were their own vision. Working as ONE.

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  • 2015-08-02 @ 02:24:54

    Every time I read something remotely interesting and cultivated by the style of writing, its always you Jordan. LOL I am quite fond of your style of writing and your perspectives is in my similar interest. Cheers brother!

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  • 2015-07-26 @ 04:31:04

    Haha, you always manage to provoke my mind Jordan. I too feel exactly the same way, although at times I forget, and most of all have difficulties expressing these very ideas. It by goes beyond religion, society, cultural norms and stigmas, beyond our sheep minded eye, beyond our highest ego.. Perhaps its there, deep within our heart and soul, our deepest purpose longing to be answered.

    Ever since I was very young, perhaps even too young to realize, that I seen life so preciously dull. Precious in a dull world seems like a precise and odd way to see it, but the way I see it is; precious because life itself, all of it, this very reality and mind is so precious, so adaptable to anything. so dull because life, at times human are foolish. Forgetting that working 9-5 day in and day out is not living at all. It goes to show how primitive we eat with such a complex mind we have.

    I’ve been longing for answers, longing for truth. I mean, there’s no rush, but I long for that contentment of bliss that one feels of awe and euphoric doing the things I love, that money or materialism or humans cannot fabricate, that’s what I feel, is true wisdom. Something that can’t be fabricated by mere illusion. Something valuable and viable to our spirit, something that allows us to keep thriving in our hearts. Perhaps that’s what we forgotten, our inner voice has truly faded, often as children our flame of dreams has been diminished because it was u realistic, only because it wasn’t acceptable in our world. In a way, we aren’t the youth that rebels for a reason, we don’t choose to rebel because we are being disobedient, because we know deep in our hearts, that the world needs a change of heart, a reminder that dreams are as real as we allow them to be.

    We may not understand life, and people often disapprove of people who thrive for answers beyond themselves. Maybe in a way, its like a child who is curious of somethig- an adult who stops a kid from exploring, is a kid who grows up ignorant. Never stop learning, dreaming like a child. I like to believe that everything happens with and for a reason; Maybe with a hint of honesty, that there’s a reason why we were born curious.

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  • 2015-07-03 @ 06:18:42

    Hello, that was such a wonderful story, it was honestly such a pleasure part taking that experience with you through just reading. It was nice reading about the shared emotions everyone shared together, as it is the best of all healing, understanding that humankind share such deep and dark emotions that need to be shed light on, together.

    I was wondering, all the things all of this taught you, what did you learn, what did it allow you to do, to change a out yourself that you, yourself manage to apply in daily life, or I guess, contribute to the positivity of life?

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  • 2015-07-01 @ 08:47:43

    I liked this article very much. It was a good encouragement for anyone, including myself to push through our self indulgence that are most likely going to cause bad habits for ourselves that eventually we created a problem for ourselves that was never there until we provoked such ideas. Its like poking the bear, thinking it’ll never get angry.

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  • 2015-06-30 @ 01:10:06

    I really enjoyed reading your article about that very feeling of hopelessness and in by having the very clarific moment inwhich you captivated – seems all so wonderful to hear. Indeed we are just a spec of a dot in the vastness of space, that humanity itself is just a dot in the vastness of Mother Earth

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  • 2015-06-28 @ 07:57:32

    I just wanted to say thank you, this was marvelous. It’s been awhile since I was able to have any resonance experiences and it frustrated me. Although I know it not something meant to be expected, but it just makes me wonder if my path I am currently walking a right one.
    Right now, at this current point in my life, I feel as if I were a saint, so confused of his creator, by the religious perspective, I was never truly religious, I feel as if I must save humanity; although I know that is much to expect for a mere human like me, how could I save the world nonetheless myself? What I really mean, and what I truly want, is to be able to help others, relief their pains.
    And so, I always felt lost and as if I felt empty whenever I would chase perspective from a religious view or institution. Although I would love to find the connections between all religions, I feel as if there is much to understand from what these doctrines has to say, through practical mystical experience. I have always felt that to be true.

    And so, I felt this was much needed for me to understand, that religion has its fine line , that people forget, that religion itself is not absolute, but like you said and Campbell referred to as metaphors, reminded me of how I use to see religion. A metaphor in which we were meant to embody, to experience and to understand through ‘the creators’ eyes’. To embody the temperament of wisdom through knowledge and understanding; experience of life itself.

    Secular Spirituality: How I Experienced the Sacred in Yosemite by Letting Go

  • 2015-05-20 @ 22:17:39

    This is truly beautiful, I don’t think this is a coincidence that I’ve ran into this specific poem for the second time… The first time being 3 days ago, at this special event. I believe this has a significant meaning for my life. Must be a sign of some sort. The people we truly love live on to carry on protecting us, no matter how far they may seem to be. They are but the stars in the skies that shine over us.

    Beautiful poem

  • 2015-05-20 @ 22:08:41

    I just got chills… I could imagine her in the wind, blowing across your face as you read this for her. Thank you for doing that for her, I’m sure she’s watching over you.

    Beautiful poem

  • 2015-05-18 @ 12:41:39


    First I would like to say that, we all have our own experiences in life that shapes our perspective towards life; beliefs, views, behaviors, and of course our understanding of life and who we are as people.

    With that understanding its plausible to say that we will all have our different interpretations of the world as it is our life experiences by individuality of perception and understandings that adds onto the collective knowledge of the world.

    By such meaning, all of your experience Is who you are as a person, the definition of your life I’d your experience. Some people would say “you are what you experience” in contrast your thoughts are also what you are, for your thoughts influence your behavior. So to say that whatever you experience either internally, externally, through your choices or external environmental influences will affect your experience entirely which also profoundly shapes your perspective, beliefs, behavior, and of course, your life.

    Many people may have other opinions about this or, of course different perspectives and experiences that nay vary to this quote.
    The thing I love about quotes is that its a story behind every word through your own internal and external lense. So with every quote you experience may shape and influence you through the reflection of your own life.
    You may just haven’t realized that yet!

    Hope that provoked and opened your mind just a little more!



    You are not something separate to experience, you are experience itself.

  • 2015-05-11 @ 19:52:52

    Very interesting, thank you for this. I have also heard that classical music and instrumental music can also help with cognitive processing and thought process, I feel that when I listen and tune out noises and focus on a soothing sound it helps me a lot while trying to focus. I would consider myself to be disturbed very easily by sound or noise when I try to focus, so tuning out undesired sounds does very much help me calm heart rate and focus on more useful tasks and allow the thoughts to just fly in!

    Thank you for this thought provoking article! – I surely hope that science does head in this direction because I feel that mainstream science is looking at the obvious picture of life and not the possible reality of beautiful passions of life that could easily be a cure to such things as diseases, so on and so forth. Sometimes life isn’t meant to always be determined by logic, sometimes true logic is facing the imaginable side of things, for example we never thought we’d be able reach the boundaries of space, but look at us now.

    Cheers to discovery!


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