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NASA | Incandescent Sun

This video takes SDO images and applies additional processing to enhance the structures visible. While there is no scientific value to this processing, it does result in a beautiful, new way of...

polyphasic sleep first week + tips for success

My lifestyle design experiments page Video continued in Aloha guys, here’s...

Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 – Teaser

This is a new Multiphysics simulator by Lagoa Technologies Inc.

Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed Youtube: This video is presented under the fair use provision for educational purposes only and does not infringe on any copyrights. Made by: Farhan, Adnan, Faraaz, and Jabbran....

Downtown Spokane Street Musician Bryson Andres

This guy always draws a crowd and it’s really amazing to see him create a big sound. The song is Secrets by One Republic. You can buy his music on this site. Check it out!...

How to be Happy

This Presentation will guide us to lead a Relaxed, Balanced, Serene, Peaceful, Harmonious and Happy day to day Life.

Meditation Made Easy

We are presenting a Novel and Noble Know-how, a blend of the Age old Vision and Wisdom with New age Scientific Knowledge. That is Binaural Beats (Brain Wave Entrainment Technology).

Justin Nozuka – Unwoken Dream (King With Everything)

Song 7 off of You I Wind Land and Sea. Support the band and go buy the album!

Tour Through Reality

Video for me to embed on my website/ for visitors to watch. And for everybody’s fun on Vimeo (:

Occupy Wall St – The Revolution Is Love

A taste of the upcoming feature documentary, Occupy Love. This is a community funded film. “Love is the felt experience of connection to another being. An economist...