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refuse a man for water

Did you ever meet a spirit that has found you in order to test you? did you pass, or fail? one time at work, this guy walked in..I knew him..he always walked by the pizza notice things when...

Why cant they find out what causes autism?

-any thought’s on this? -i’m leaning towards microwave ovens, or petroleum pesticides

Past life regression

Does anybody have any experience with hypnosis and past life regressions???

Do you watch Pbs ?

which programs do you watch?, and how frequently?


I watched a documentary last night on the societal effect of glorifying celebrities. (streaming here for those interested: Has anyone else seen this? It...

When Love Hurts

So I’m on the outs of a long on and off almost love/hate relationship. And it’s really hard making the right decision! I’ve opened my heart so much and have been meditating on my...


Great site with all kinds of eco-friendly ideas, like a solar-powered water filter that you can put into your local pond that will tell you how clean the water is by color, and a keychain gadget that...

Ni Hao!

I am a student from Indiana University currently studying abroad in Shanghai. I stumbled onto this site, and decided to make a profile after seeing one post. I became an Atheist Senior Year of High...

Dreaming as a reality

At the moment I am going through a tough time with my waking reality, so I was writing down some of my feelings relating to dreaming and wanting it to my only reality, when ( I’m not sure why...

Earth Day!!

If you didnt know, its earth day. Anything going on in your communities? Last year 6.7 million pounds of trash was removed from Pennsylvania. Lets hope its even more this year....