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The Egg….

The Egg By: Andy Weir You were on your way home when you died. It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. It was a painless...

911 and the ongoing lies

I’m curious to know how many people can look at the following facts and walk away unaffected. There’s a great deal of information that’s available that shows HUGE discrepancies in...


Sooo giving up T.V. for a whole summer. Good idea, bad idea, thoughts?

The First Official HEthen Gathering OF ALL TIME EVER! So as you may or may not know I made a recent trip to Amsterdam last weekend. During the trip to the beautiful (albeit gray) country of...

A website you might like

I found a bunch of websites that I really liked from this one… Here is one I just found that I thought was cool

Your Favorite Newspaper and Why

Hey Everyone, I recently began an internship in Shanghai, China in which the commute is roughly an hour each way to and from work. In this time, I’ve been reading China Daily on the metro to get...

OBE Interview

This guy is for real about out of body experiences. The interviewer is kind of annoying but it’s crazy shit.

Blows my mind every time

You hear or see the wind in the trees from a distance… …then it reaches you.

Interesting stories

I was saying earlier on how I was trying to find a bunch of stories, some of which are already posted here, but here they are in one spot. Please post more interesting stories/reads. I Have No Mouth...

UCLA Silent Disco

Hey for any of you that happen to be LA natives I’m throwing an event that’ll be very well suited to all you like-minded individuals....