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Life Philosophy

We are all travellers on planet earth. Grow and never stop learning. Love yourself and surround yourself with positive people.

I am...

a digital artist and writer, demisexual, INTJ, 9w1 sx/sp, liberal, logical thinker, unorthodox, anglophile, nerd, HSP, wolf spirit, hippie, has delusions of grandeur,


“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”
-Bruce Lee





Lord of the rings, legacy of the force, the da vinci code, the lost symbol, the hobbit, monster, 20th century boys, death note, manga,


Pink floyd, tame impala, animal collective, radiohead, deftones, iamamiwhoami, beatles, hans zimmer, dj tiesto, metallica, system of a down, bjork, grimes, massive attack, grizzly bear, dir en grey, coldplay, the doves, muse, above and beyond, queen,

Film & TV

the matrix, lord of the rings, star wars, inception, v for vendetta, donny darko, finding nemo, up, avengers, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, revolver, shutter island, memento, batman, watchmen, shutter island, the iron giant, the nightmare before christmas, thor, ironman, night watch, 300, death note, inglorious bastards, fight club, sweeney todd,