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READ: Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl???

Started this book a last week and find Frankl’s perspective to be humbling, inspiring, and very intelligent. He witnesses some of the most horrendous things an human has ever had to and yet, out...

Money or Happiness: I lost a friend over it

So I am a FIRM believer that our lives, by design, should be about the pursuit of happiness. My best friend from my HS years cannot see this. Somehow our conversations always turn into discussions,...

Best Book EVER!!! HEthens Reading List

I’m an avid reader and wanted to know what HEthens think is the BEST BOOK EVER!!! Let’s do it?

20 Minutes: A Neurological Explanation of Life

I found this video and wanted to share it here for discussion. Tear it apart or love it?

Having a stroke is like Shrooms?

I thought this rather interesting and provocative TED talk reminded me an awful lot of a shrooms trip… Anyone else think so?...

What is True Love?

I wrote this blog a while back, and have received some good feedback from friends and family, so I thought, why not throw it out to the Hethen’s and see what they think? Here goes **deep...

What’s your, “How I found HighExistence…” Story?

For me, I found the 50 Life Tips article on StumbleUpon. But I immediately told like 10 of my friends about it. Since then, I think I may be the only one who frequents it. I have found inspiration,...

The Illusion of Reality: BLEW MY MIND

@Alex I was talking about believing off of faith. Most definitions of "belief" has to due with faith. Science does not do this. Science backs things up, "believes" things for a...

Games Save the World

I thought this was ripe for some HEthen picking:

What sciences knows about Consciousness

I came across this Ted talk this morning and felt it would shed some light onto things, literally and figuratively. Antonio Dimasio is a leading expert in the field of Neueroscience and has written...

Bloggers… Where you at???

So it seems given that many of us on here write blogs/ run websites related to our individual purposes. I wanted to post this to see if others experience some of the same frustrations I do: 1. I find...

Which comes first: peanut butter or jelly?

When you are making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which one do you put on first and why? ;-)

The Biggest Problem with HE

Living in Korea for the past year has given me a really in depth perspective on a culture that is in many ways completely the opposite of most of ours (I know some HEthens aren’t...