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Each Moment is the Universe

A boy is reborn with memories of his previous lives and tries to fix the mistakes of the past. Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Toyota Film Award Film Expo Asia Director: Bruce Thierry Cheung Writer: Jeremy...

Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley Academy – 2010-Jan-29

Jump to 6:15 for the start of the interview. Now with captions! Took me three days to transcribe :-P Download captions: If you would like to...

Reincarnation- past life evidence (P 1)

check this out For more information about reincarnation documented cases

David Icke- Brilliant Speech

Copyright notice: This video is being re-uploaded with permission from Sean, webmaster at David Icke Books Ltd. Please, if there are any problems in the future, just message me to remove it. What is...

1.The REAL Cause of Bipolar Mania / Bipolar Disorder See the REAL cause of Bipolar Disorder, upgraded for 2010.

How To Astral Project….Easily.

Ok….since making this video I’ve started to research it online for the first time. What have I learned? By repeating a sentence you begin to “meditate” you enter an...